This whole allegations was cooked in an Arabic kitchen and now being served to you. He could not even defend himself. Our guide is the Bible. Unlike some other Christian men Ive watched that just screams SLEEZE or LIES!! If we are still questioning the credibility of the so called women who sold images of themselves for money, then we must begin to intorigate our own biases. We are not interested in making any profit with the offering of downloads and Audio CD-R's, we are here to help those in need. Why no one questioning the accusations of women who came out after the death of the accused and collected big checks? Jessica Lea August 12, 2022. A so-called godly man is not going to go anywhere near a massage parlor, and it is easy to prove RZs association here. #MothersDay #Repost @sarahdavisrzim Happy 48th Anniversary, @ravizacharias and Margie. Ravi Zacharias and wife Margie were married for 48 years until his passing last spring. She has many a reason to want to continue to live in the lap of luxurious denial and try to maintain her status quip and quo. Sarah Davis, CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and oldest daughter of the late apologist, has apologized for her initial reaction to the allegations of her father's sexual misconduct, admitting she made "serious errors that only furthered deep wounds.". Thats a bad example. Twenty women are complaining about Donald Trump. And yet David fell into Sin! Nathans blog would laughable if the whole mess wasnt so sad. Jessica is a content editor for and the producer of The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast. Dont be afraid of the harmful former collaborators and evangelical Christians churches of USA. Thats an innocent fake victim. The entire letter was apparently posted on the Facebook page of Friends who like Ravi Zacharias. I pray that God will expose those who are behind this false accusation. We dont commit the most egregious sins in the book and receive a promotion to heaven. He claimed Sara only partially believes the report. And what a coincidence all these happened right after the man was dead so that he has no means to defend his name. Winkler: 204-325-4201. This year we are raising a fund to support orphan children. I do not believe these allegations against him. I dont know In this day and age of Cancel Culture, where the devil rules this world, what will be more of a triumph for the secular atheistic anti God crowd of the World that hates Christianity than to defame quite possibly one of the greatest Christian Apologist preacher of our times? I feel bad for them but they really need to not make entitled public statements that presents themselves as victims from boogeymen out for the family (except big sister.still CEO) and takes away from real victims. Mr. Zacharias was not a sexual predator and he did not do those things that he was accused of. For the sake of justice and truth, please, tell your side of this story to the world. She spent 30 years overseas in Christian service among students, starting in China in the 1970s and then serving staff and students in universities in the USA and around the world. She lusted after Joseph, a handsome young man. Ravi and Margie Zacharias (Facebook/Ravi Zacharias) Ravi Zacharias' cancer has worsened, according to an update. Zacharias is accused of sexually harassing multiple massage therapists who worked in the 2000s at two day spas he co-owned in the Atlanta suburbs. Margie Zachariass belief in her husbands innocence is based in part on the fact that she recently went through a number of his belongings and found nothing to incriminate him. They are jealous, liars, violent, merciless , shameless, greedy, vicious and racists. . Maisie Chevelle Zacharias (Mai) See Photos. M&M didnt get paid more to find dirt and RZIM didnt want them too. The entire family has lived a lavish lifestyle at churches expense. Are they all telling the truth? If you can, hire europeans experts and journalists to do conter investigation; hire black lawyers in USA to defend your husband. If the reports were indeed true, the wife of Ravi herself will quite possibly be angry at her late husband and just let things rest and will not be so vigorously defend his name. Ravi repented of what he was guilty of. Is that you? God bless. Thank you for joining us today. She sent an email to family members, and the message was later forwarded to Julie Roys. She got angry and shouted, rape, rape. That got me blocked. Because Margies husband was a public figure, her comments are of interest to all who have followed this scandal. (1) RZIM hired Miller and Martin as a result of what the stories going around about Ravi. And then steal all the funds for the organization he started? home richardson independent school district . Refine Your Search Results. Yes, somedays are harder (think Holidays) than others but Gods grace is sufficient. On May 19, 2020, it was announced that he died at his home in Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 74 years old. The content, however, should be analyzed in its context as private correspondence intended for an audience of fewer than twenty persons. Dear Ms. Blue, Thank you for your statement and courage. Was she the one who misled Lennox and Orr Ewing (who enjoy influence at camps and conferences) into thinking Ravi was procedurally sound as if they couldnt take their own trouble? Everyone must keep their Eyes on Jesus Christ and Worship Him Alone and not put their In the Man standing behind the Pulpit or they will be dissolutioned if that man should fall! Articles related to the Ravi Zacharias story. Zacharias rose . Why? gave is based on the investigation of what they found. Associated Press. Otherwise, why did CT showed so much enthusiasm into digging up dirt on Ravi from the spas he closed many years ago? So many people were happy to see the fall of Ravi because he kept a flawless record all his life. In the entire Evangelical world, not one Christian leader said a single word of defense for Ravi, at least after condemning his sins. Just thought you should know. Zacharias died on May 19 at 74 following a battle with cancer. We Christians have fallen for it again, and destroyed the work of a man on technically hearsay, we christians have fallen for the bait of the was all orchestreted to make us believers and also non believers to tarnish the name of the man of God ..who taught us the word of GOD.ITS END TIMES more of this will be to any GOd fearing saint. Oh I know there is ways to bring it back up. Raise a lot of questions. we moderate so the information wont be public right away. Donate to our ministry using this QR COde. Its one or the other. Reynolds said in a 2019 interview with the RZIM website that she and Zacharias sought to create traditions for their children that were based on the truth about religious festivals. Later documents I obtained indicate that the $700,000 home Ravi and Margie Zacharias occupied the past several years was bought in 2018 by an LLC managed by an RZIM executive. It has to be a setup. Margie says RZIM gave her 90 days notice to vacate her home. But the novel explores the prejudices and jealousies the British harbored towards Indians. I hope her followers see that her claims are unprovable and fly in the face of credible hard evidence discovered by an independent investigation. Was anything found or not found? By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor. You will win. Such a man could not be guilty of what is being alleged and there is no evidence at all to support those allegations, not in his personal effects, his financial records, his correspondence, his actions observed by all who knew him over 74 yrs.. RZIMs 990s also state that RZIM provided a housing allowance or residence for personal use to Ravi and Margie Zacharias. She would never tell anyone including the born conceived and born through that criminal act! If she felt like Ravi was abusing her, why didnt she call the police? If someone comes to assault you, you dont ask for money, you run. I hope and pray that they repent and turn back to Jesus. Yesterday we saw Derek Chavin get convicted for killing George Floyd. We All must learn, to Trust in Jesus Christ and He alone! Old fashioned Irish call any clergy Dr. Likewise, Naomi Zacharias published her second book, Twelve Women of the Bible Study Guide with DVD: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today in 2012.The book costs $19.94 for paperback and $6.99 for the Kindle edition.. Naomi Zacharias' books are making her profits and helping her add up to her earnings and reputation as an author. This Thursday I will undergo emergency spinal repair surgery and will be recovering until the beginning of April. She was heartbroken and left. Did someone give him a chance to get a career? I share an update on the blog (link in profile). Theyve bought into the deception: There was a rush towards judgments. The wife cant face it. Same for Margies weird letter. Burial will follow in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Lawton, Oklahoma. Ravi was not serving Jesus Christ, as evidenced by the life he was livingand concealing. They live in sea Brook Barney Lampley boats of the Harris county 7 r w sheriffs office tried to Rescue funeral services Are pending the Zacharias family tuesday at Broadway funeral Home for night after a Friend grew Wor Barnev b. Lampley 69. Just as guilty! So the ministry must own it. Zacharias died on May 19 at 74 following a battle with cancer. If they gave false information or did a lying report they could be easily sued for liable! In this video, I share 3 THINGS . That is a clear violation of 4th Amendment. So so sad really. It is unusual for a pastor to have ownership in a Massage / Spa business. They refer to Zacharias as "Sir Ravi." Ravi Zacharias and Margaret Reynolds pictured together on Christmas Day 2019. 'We Still Believe In Dad's Innocence'Ravi Zacharias' Son Continues To Defend Father. They use bible, religion and the name of Jesus as cover only. Yes, a liar and THAT always leads wrong. She worked hard since the inception of that organization. She even went and stayed with her oldest daughter who was conceived in rape. This Stephen Baughman you mentioned is a God hating atheist that has a lot to gain by defaming famous Christian teachers so I doubt his creditability as well the credibility of your post. Photo via RZIM on Twitter. Sexting, Spiritual Abuse, Rape: Devastating Full Report on Ravi Zacharias Released. Although, Ravi Zacharias was Anglican, which is not generally included under the umbrella of . He bluntly told her, this is a sin against God and your husband. Former Donors Can Sue Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Judge Rules. ALL OF US! -Margie Zacharias. To me these smoke screens that just hide smoke screens would be a heinous scandal WITHOUT the bad sex: all these aspects have got to be made to unravel too. Good intentions, maybe. Thank you again for your love and caring for Ravi and our family. She will have to give an account to all she has done here on earth t the Heavenly Father. What an absurd discussion. I will keep you posted from time to time. In light of the investigative facts, this is all pure sentiment. We support you. The misrepresentations, red herrings, and conspiracy theories are just really bad and he consistently never addresses anything of substance. I couldnt agree more. He was involved in Christian apologetics for a period spanning more than forty years. They want only steal money and followers of RZIM and scratch Ravis popularity to make money. Its true that the situation should be investigated further to make sure its not fake, because of the possibility that someone may want to smear a godly man. At the very least, with all the medication he was on at the end and his hallucinations something would have come out.. But like in most cases, probably the truth will never come out. Why would a godly man want to open a spa, then a Ayurveda spa(East Indian)? You dont ignore something this serious! That just paints for me a very clear GUILTY picture of their lies, falsehoods, greed, etc. I did not make it clear that I copied and pasted that prayer from the link from Jackson. Shes had the benefit of living in a $700k house for 3 years rent free. In November 2017, Mr. Zacharias dismissed his lawsuit after agreeing to pay money for a vow of silence from the woman and her husband. None off us are a better Man than King David! In the press release announcing his death, Sarah Zacharias said that her father returned from receiving . In this video, I share 3 THINGS NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO BE WILLING TO SAY when it comes to Margie and what she is walking through.TIMESTAMPS:00:00 Margie Zacharias and 3 Things NOBODY IS SAYING00:48 Margies Situation01:50 Everybody is saying the SAME OLD THING02:49 Grieving TWO Deaths03:51 Margies Email06:55 Kindness Goes A LONG WAY07:40 Margie is NOT Under Investigation09:39 PLEASE Get Her Name RIGHT!Links to IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Ravi Zacharias: Watch My Other Videos (Playlist) covering Ravi and RZIM:\u0026list=PLudNbPfaNC_F1mY7eP4WB_WbnWaL8VK0f Miller \u0026 Martin Report: Margie's FULL EMAIL:** GEAR I USE ** Camera: (Amazon) Lens: (Amazon) Microphone: (Amazon) Boom Stand: (Amazon) Lighting: (Amazon) SD Memory Card: (Amazon) Teleprompter: (Amazon) (When available, affiliate links are used -- thanks for supporting the channel!) I really hope Ravis family will initiate another investigation. When I looked into this matter, it appears to me that Ravi sinned by touching them inappropriately. Her half-brother Amnon lusted after her. And those people will have them. I feel sorry for all the victims. It would later come back on Him! There might even be a different storage spot she doesnt know about, although I doubt it. After going through her husbands effects, Margie said, In short, I want you, his family, to know beyond a shadow of doubt that I found not one suspicious receipt, letter, card, expenditureabsolutely nothing to support the claims being made or the charges against him.. There are women who claim they were abused when no one abused them because of mental health problems. And if it would be proven true all I can say it would take the Grace of God(2 Cor.12:7-11) and the strength of Christ to accept it(Phil.4:13)! Mrs Zacharias should not have been evicted from her home. After all, whos paying the taxes on it? One can delete material from computers and cellphones. Anurag Sharma, who co-owned spas with Zacharias and Blue, has similarly testified that Zacharias had a pattern of exposing himself to therapists and masturbating. Her twisted behavior does have precedent in the lives of such women as the wives of Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, and Jerry Falwell Jr., or Ghislaine Maxwell, who have continued to proclaim the innocence of their repulsive, perverted men, and themselves. I actually think that both Margie and Nathan (Im following Nathans blog) are making good points. Your tax-deductible gift helps our journalists report the truth and hold Christian leaders and organizations accountable. Keith We should carefully identify who belongs to Group A and who belongs to Group B, and who belongs to Group C. Everyone in Group A should get the justice and even reparations for the injustice they endured. If allegations are true, she obviously wasnt involved in it, and must not be unfairly treated. The evidence to defend Ravi is just not there. On social media, a wide range of . Stop HIV-Aids in Africa - Volume 4 . Dr.Aziz gets arrested, and goes to trial. A lot of betrayed women go to great lengths to overlook or not believe that their spouse is not faithful to them because it is a huge threat to their own value as a person in their perception. Ravi wished his wife a happy 48th anniversary on May 8, 2020, by posting on Instagram, '48 years ago she gave me her hand in marriage. This is NOT a FREE DOWNLOADING blog. Wiebe Funeral Homes Morden and Winkler Manitoba. Tamar did not take any money or gifts from Amnon. Only God can heal the hurt. It is liabless to print such a report and they could easily sued for a false report! To donate, click here. 2 Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. The last several verses of Luke 11 are about Jesuss indictment of the Pharisees hypocrisy. Toward that end, the site requires that people use their full name when commenting. By Julie Roys April 21 2021 Margie Zacharias, the widow of the disgraced apologist Ravi Zachariasand former board member and chief cultural officer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)has broken her silence regarding her late husband's alleged sexual abuse. Why have you been texting him all along knowing that he has abused you? May God expose the true identity of those who are behind this. Notably, Margies position directly contradicts the findings of an independent investigation from the Miller & Martin law firm, as well as the testimony of numerous witnesses, that Ravi Zacharias was a prolific, methodical sexual predator. When you are alone with a good looking woman in a dark room for hours, sooner or later, you will fall in sin. So that brings us to the final report, which RZIM released to the public yesterday.. I just wish Margies name was not drug into this. In Group C, we have Innocent fake victims. Assurance of security is a matter of inference between him and God. But once again it can be deleted! And so a Broken hearted Brother who felt her Sadness, loss of her Virginity Violated thru Rape, did only what was right for her Shame and Family Honour! At the trial, Adela says she had a shocking experience inside the cave and interpreted it as an assault by Dr.Aziz. Remember how CNN reported on Donald Trump before the election. All it does is add fiber, not prevent anything. Show some Mercy for Ravi yes, that God will do Right and Compassion for thoses that have been Broken and Hurt through all this! 1. I was certainly not cruel and even gave him advice that I said that I hope it would help. In an email to her extended family, Margie Zacharias defended her husband, saying that after searching On Naomis post I didnt even commentonly left a link to an article at Christianity Today by a former RZIM apologist that was about how we must believe women. By Friday, it will be 50. In the press release announcing his death, Sarah Zacharias said that her father returned from receiving chemotherapy in Houston to be at home in Atlanta. So I am sure they had to make sure of their facts! That is what we want to see. Margie Adam was born in 1947 in Lompoc, California. Great! See Photos. Arrangements entrusted to Crowell Brothers Funeral Homes & Crematory, 5051 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Peachtree Corners, GA, 30092. Margie Zacharias. I wanted you all to know that I have spent the last week going through every paper and article in Ravi's desk, closet and drawers. Ravi went to Trump WhiteHouse and made himself a target of Anti-Trump Christians. Your tax-deductible gift helps our journalists report the truth and hold Christian leaders and organizations accountable. Amnon gets from the bed and attacks her. Zacharias was diagnosed with a sarcoma, rare cancer that affects the bone and soft tissue. I always take a few minutes to pray for his family members. Rape was never justified under any circumstances. They settled together in Atlanta Georgia, which is now Ravi's final resting place. No scepticism about this report was publicly expressed by any former Ravis supporters. Zacharias died on May 19 at 74 following a battle with cancer. FILE - Images of Ravi Zacharias are displayed in the Passion City Church during a memorial . If this was published on a public Facebook page, why is it in the format of an email sent to Julie Roys? No matter where we stand on Ravis issue, we should pray for his family. (RZIM), announced that Zacharias would return to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, for "any time the Lord gives us." Zacharias died on May 19, 2020 at his Atlanta home. 2. 3 Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops. Sadly, all of my comments have been unjustly deleted. Thursday, January 12, 2023. My husband is innocent. Culture. The headline is slightly misleading in that Margie Zacharias has not, at this time, made a public statement. Why would victims address the predator as most precious Mr. Ravi Ji and my dear Mr. Ravi Ji? He could never have kept a secret like they are alleging (alleging, I say, as there is not one whit of evidence to support what they are saying), said Margie Zacharias in an email that her son, Nathan, . Its suspicious that any elements that were true werent made public years earlier, indeed: far from being sole machinator who was Ravis machinator? He abused me but I took his money anyway. So I am not impressed with Mrs. Margie Zacharias email! But not deserving of Capital Punishment! Thats my opinion. A post shared by Ravi Zacharias (@ravizacharias) on Mar 2, 2020 at 4:55pm PST That is completely false! Get me Tamar to help me. However, Margie Zachariass statement that there is no evidence at all to support those allegations is remarkable to say the least, given the amount of evidence that exists. Margie Adam est ne en 1947 Lompoc, en Californie,. And why doesnt Margie hand the contents of the bags to a relative for a RZ Memorial Museum / a biographer it is an interesting story anyway? (2) The report Miller & Martin Thank you. He was 74. Thank you Jesus! Let others claiming to represent God take warning. Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. In 2 Samuel chapter 13, we see a beautiful virgin named Tamar, King Davids daughter and Absaloms sister. The conservative voice and Christian content are being silenced more and more. I feel that some actually WANT Ravi either guilty or innocent. Please visit our website On July 31, 2017, Mr. Zacharias filed a federal lawsuit against the woman. Ravi Zacharias with his wife, Margie, close to his death of cancer in May, 2020. Prosecutors and defense attorneys, both presented their testimonies and evidence. You should carefully evaluate every accusation. E.M.Forster wrote the novel A Passage to India. Ravi Zacharias, a towering Indian American evangelist who helped legions worldwide believe in Christianity through a ministry focused on open questioning and truth-seeking, led a double life . The whole saga sounded like sugar daddy stuff to me. Sure, more to it. I consider Bathsheba a true victim because she was a commoner and David was the King. When sexual allegations happen we often commit Generalization fallacy. I have posted the statement of sorrow and regret by the board of RZIM Africa below: The board of directors denied Ravis legacy but not financial legacy he left. I told you many times before. I understand what it is like to have your companion pass away. The purpose being to make a statement to the public under the guise of a private family letter in order to add credibility to her narrative. 770-448-5757. This gave me a sick feeling in my gut- as if this was the most important thing to her. But he also deserves a fair trial before we convict him of rape and assault. She adds that the house had been promised to me specifically in the case that Ravi died for as long as I wanted it.. The story is false. She has written about me already. I know of a church trial for a preacher I know guilty of adultery. Margie Zacharias, the widow of the disgraced apologist Ravi Zachariasand former board member and chief cultural officer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)has broken her silence regarding her late husband's alleged sexual abuse. Jesus says if you love father or mother more than Me, you are not worthy of Me. AD . The couple met at a youth church group and were married on May 7, 1972. I regret not warning my peers: millions of uncritical and ignorant English families have been led into shallow waters at the firms camps. So, one day when she found him lonely, she forced him to have sex with her. Dont forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel. I believe that Ravi was Culturally convicted in the press just like Christ. Mr. Sharma needs to be heard, a real victim here. The boards and staff of RZIM Africa do not align with your opinions. Funeral service for Margie Mae Floyd will be 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 20, 2023 in the Becker-Rabon Funeral Home Chapel with Chaplain Daniel Litchford of Comanche County Memorial Hospital Hospice officiating. Ravi isnt here to defend himself, and he deserves a defense to be heard. She had to have Ravi choose, znd maybe their love had flickered down or out. I do not believe what they are saying about Ravi, I have the highest respect for him. Here is just a small sample, but there are much more . He has addressed writers of the peace accord in South . God also is in your side. So much for Randy Alcorn and John MacArthur. That is why they have paper shredders! No one in their right man can deny that Ravi was a gifted man and that the Lord used him mightily. The real issue is they should have done it while Ravi was alive. Margie says RZIM gave her 90 days notice to vacate her home. We must face the truth wherever it is. Ravi is Innocent! I do delete comments like these that just call names and are inflammatory. Not surprisingly, they didn't make a public statement about that. Where would I be without Him? She kept it a strong secret. Michael Ramsden did not build RZIM. I had tears at his Fall into Sin, but it can and will happen to all off us if our Eyes are of The Lord! She says, since Ravis death, I went through all his belongings. This isnt a boys locker room of rumor; this was a carefully investigated report of great length, and RZIM had their entire reputation to lose. She is an amazing woman & a treasured gift from God.. Thank you for serving our Lord alongside Margie andme. 513 Stewart Mill Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Dekalb County Current Address : 3272 Seneca Farm Ln, Buford, GA 30519 Gwinnett County (Dec 2000 - Sep 2022) do a search under the Ravi Zacharias name to find the rest. Michael Ramsden did not build RZIM. I agree that it SHOULD have been done! We urge you to sign up to receive our FREE need to read articles. My Mom recently sent an email to some friends and family that is being circulated. He was spectacularly self-disciplined in his conduct, especially where it would reflect poorly on the Lord. Zacharias, evangelist, author and founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, died Tuesday at his home in Atlanta, following a brief battle with cancer. Well I reread it and to be honest I am more convinced of his guilt not less! Margies hyperbolic lies in Ravis defense would be just slightly more believable if she had cooperated with investigators, let them search all Ravis old devices and personal effects long ago, released the Thompsons from the NDA Ravi then manipulatively broke, done her job as a highly-paid employee and board member of RZIM and come clean about Ravis many lies, and developed her character over a lifetime. Scroll down to WARNING. Zacharias attempted to cover-up the affair and threatened - so it seems - to commit suicide if the woman . Then he said they have a ton of cash due to an insurance policy on RZ. NO WAY. Good to hear the other side as well. Have mercy. And why is Margie shredding company business? He ran away from her. A judge is allowing a class-action lawsuit filed against Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to proceed. A short while later, the apologist . Levitical law makes explicitly clear all these moral codes. I get Nathan Zacharias blog DEFENDING RAVI!!! The case was settled in November 2017. Speaking specifically about how the family celebrated Christmas, Reynolds said: At Christmas, we incorporated a custom we first saw practiced in Jordan and used it to teach the children our oneness not just as a family but as part of Gods family because He had sent his son to earth. To cancel out all that he wrote and his messages is doing more harm I believe to the gospel message. Any women who has experienced infidelity in their marriage knows the hurt, and devastation. He could never have kept a secret like they are alleging (alleging, I say, as there is not one whit of evidence to support what they are saying), said Margie Zacharias in an email that her son, Nathan, published on his blog. In his autobiography Ravi claims that he was chosen to preach at his graduation from the Ontario Bible College in April of 1972. John MacArthur should be ashame of himself for what he is saying. As for Tamars rape being justified in Levitical law, this is patently false. Be blessed. Ravi has had more love for Jesus Christ than any man on this earth. I defend you and other victims and the LORD defends you more. At the very least, with all the medication he was on at the end and his hallucinations something would have come out if something were there., , Margie Zachariass email was originally posted in a private Facebook group called . If its true, the victims feelings should not be diminished. In examining the evidence we feel he is innocent and you can read the many articles we have written there starting with What makes the Ravi Zacharias issue so complicated. I think so. My late first wifes mother had a child born because she was raped younger. Teach us to sit with the pain of the many women who have been broken and wounded by the devastating actions of Ravi Zacharias. Ugh. RZIM calculated to hide the credential nonsense behind this sort of thing just like the latest sri red herring, cloaking a deception Ravi doesnt know whether to inflate or puncture, not being sure of any of his views about anything anyway. When I asked why did she publicly denounce her father to Christianity Today, he couldnt answer. It is pointless to defend any level of his behavior, as if only rape is a sin. Defenders Voice is all about going to where the truth is. The plaintiffs and the defendant Must be present in order to reach a verdict! This is a private Facebook group and appears to have 30.9 thousand members! I do get Nathan Zacharias Defending Ravi and I did read it! He has made them look silly: why dont they like that? Did he use back pain as a pretext to approach and assault women? . The couple had three children, Sarah, Nathan and Naomi . Amnon comes with an evil plan. Throw Ravi under the bus, take the properties and run. But niggling things happened too. Dusty Groove is Chicago's Online Record Store -- Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Brazil, African, World Music, Avant, Rock, Blues & more LPs, CDs, vinyl . Ravi Zacharias former business partner, Vicki Blue, has also claimed that Zacharias abused her and other therapists at a spa they co-owned, and then threatened to ruin her if she spoke. Answer:. As will we all. If their stories are true, they should not fear more investigation into their testimonies. Yup. chairman of ravi zacharias international ministries rzim org headquartered in atlanta with sixteen offices worldwide he and his wife margie were married for almost 50 years before his passing in 2020 new birth or rebirth jesus talks with krishna great. Was Ravi baptized? There is no battle. His rock sound is exemplified in songs such as his 1962 hit "Let's Dance", which reached No. We have written extensively about this topi on our own website theologyarchaeology. Merciful and Just God, we come to you in this time of need. Zacharias said in a 2018 blog post, in which he again referenced the similarities between the couples wedding and the royal wedding, that he felt his wife was a beautiful blend of the Irish and Scottish. Zacharias said in the post that the couple was married in Windsor, Ontario with their wedding reception taking place at a Howard Johnsons. She begs him to stop but he wont listen. I wanted you all to know that I have spent the last week going through every paper and article in Ravis desk, closet and drawers, wrote Margie, who said that Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) had given her 90 days to move out of her home, even though it had been promised to her after her husbands death for as long as she wanted to live there. Yours in Christ, Ged Davies. She worked hard since the inception of that organization. Margie Zacharias, wife of disgraced apologist Ravi Zacharias, denies that her deceased husband was guilty of spiritual and sexual abusedespite extensive evidence to the contrary. But his failures were not in this area. Our master is Jesus. You know how the story ends: Joseph ends up in prison on false charges. There is no way, that any man who serves Jesus Christ can live the life that they are accusing him of. An Indian doctor, Dr.Aziz joins them. The text messages released to the public demonstrate this, and Zacharias has not denied it, and has indeed indicated that it was true. (RNS) Popular Christian evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias died Tuesday morning (May 19) at age 74, a few months after being diagnosed with cancer. Poor Tamar goes into the room. I call this CNN fallacy. Margie says, When Ravi was on his deathbed, he was having auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, he was thinking about presenting gospel to his unseen visitors. Zacharias responded to Thompsons allegations by launching a lawsuit against her. Did Ravi behave like Amnon? If anyone has a source to write maggie or any of the children, I would be in your debt. , Not so. Chris Montez born 17 January 1943. The death of the beloved always brings massive sadness, but the thought of them resting in . BRAVO Margie Zacharias, Ive never believed these false accusations. Heres a sample of one I deleted: You are a liar and a devil! Just so you know, I listened for years to Ravi and others! First YFC and the sad denominations that dogged his parents, later the Oxford element (Oxford again as usual). I seldom talk about personal challenges but am making an exception because I know you will pray for meand for my family and the @rzimhq team. But may this be a stark lesson and warning to us all lest we fall! Twitter/Ravi Zacharias All of whom stand to gain monetarily in big way! On Tuesday morning, it becomes 10. The Lord has never forsaken me and He is by my side. I got back pain, come and help me, and then attacked the therapist who went to help him. Did he have OFFICES at either RZIM ministries or elsewhere? Fisher speaks from a background of working with Zacharias. Should we rip out all of Davids psalms from the Bible? Margie Zacharias, the widow of the disgraced apologist Ravi Zachariasand former board member and chief cultural officer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)has broken her silence regarding her late husbands alleged sexual abuse. He could not coherently answer my questions. Email From My Mom. All believers should pray for Margie Zacharias, this indeed must be very devastating for her. Margie Zacharias, the late Ravi Zacharias ' widow, was dismissed as a defendant, and her and RZIM's motions to dismiss the suit were granted only in . Powered by. Group C: Innocent fake victims (Miss Adela). Also, any comments with profanity, name-calling, and/or a nasty tone will be deleted. If David had not repented, he would have gone to hell. Like the Pharisees, Ravi, Margie, Nathan, and others in Zacharias, Inc. have some head knowledge, but in their practical lives are gross, abusive, lying, money-grubbing hypocrites whose evil deeds continue to be brought to light. Proudly serving you since 1949. Understandable. The man isnt even here to defend himself. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Try a Little Smile, Sugar Sugar, Respect Due, I Don't Know Why, The Vow (with Jackie Opel), Adorable You, Welcome You Back Home (with Jackie Opel), My Love Forgive Me, I Need Your Loving, Make It Tonight, In a staff devotional meeting before Christmas, Margie ZachariasRavi's widow and the chief culture officer at RZIMassured everyone that the ministry's donors are "letting us know . In HIM there is no darkness at all! Margie Zacharias email was posted in a Facebook group called, Friends who like Ravi Zacharias. The email was also forwarded to me by a former RZIM director. So grateful for all your love has created. Wait until the old man dies: Pretty much this is the story of every rich old man who dies with millions of dollars in his bank accounts. Ummm, both Naomis and Nathans Instagram accounts are still up and running. Luke 12:2-4 Teach us to sit with the pain wrought by the systems and structures of Christian ministry organizations that seem to lend themselves time and again to gross abuses of power, moral negligence, and ethical abandon. Insist that identities of all accusers be revealed then they will face journalists to unmask them. We see this is the third article this month youve found worth reading. We Christians have fallen for it again, and destroyed the work of a man on technically hearsay. I think they found plenty in the light of what they could do! Before I left the house I wanted to be certain that nothing was left of Ravi that anyone could take and twist and create a story to use against him, she said. What we need to do is GUARD our own hearts and PRAY Dr. Zacharis had time with the Lord before his going. Margie Zacharias defense of her husband flies in the face of an investigation by the law firm Miller & Martin, which concluded that Ravi Zacharias had raped a female massage therapist and sexually molested several others over a span of many years. Zacharias, Christian apologist, was the Indian born founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Mr.Cyril, Mrs.Moore, and Miss Adela were from England. And there is other possibilities too. A burial will be held on Saturday, January 28th 2023 at the South-View Cemetery . There could be many different reasons for Margie to defend Ravi, but if people think about it from her perspective this is probably extremely humiliating for her. Infidelity is traumatic for a spouse, there is a good video here if anyone wants to understand why: Dr. Zacharias has spoken all over the world for over 43 years in scores of universities, notably Harvard, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, and Cambridge. Ive searched the trash bin and havent been able to find any comments by you, so perhaps something went amiss with your submission. In Genesis chapter 39, we come across Potiphars wife. In late 2017, Zacharias was accused of sexting and soliciting sexual material via email from a Canadian ministry worker named Lori Anne Thompson. She's since asked me to post it here to ensure it's ongoing accuracy. Underlying jealousy towards Ravi cannot be ruled out. In a video message posted yesterday, Sarah Davis - who is CEO of RZIM, the international apologetics ministry established by her . Derek deserved a fair trial. I am NOT impressed with Margie saying she found nothing at the home! There is plenty of paper shredders out there to hide unwanted documents! Im sending you waves of love and harmony. Yet at a Time when he had an Unguarded Heart, Temptation took hold! In his lawsuit, Mr. Zacharias admits receiving nude and sexual photos from the woman. Good points. It was always clear that could be done without Ravi. See Photos. Changes can occur. Lived In Macon GA. Related To . So. But for now it's time to face the pain and the discipline of healing. They should not be evicting Ravis widow in this manner. En mai 1972, Zacharias a pous Margaret Margie Reynolds, qu'il avait rencontre au groupe jeunesse de son glise. While Ravi Zacharias was alive, his massage therapist reported directly to Ravi Zacharias. Please share your comment. How do you respond in a scenario like this? Just a question; so we have passed judgement on a dead man, with charges brought by un-named persons, advocated for by a secular, third party law firm! So I believe it is very possible that he never revealed any of his crimes while hallucinating! JESUS CHRIST has a lot to say about this through our the Bible. , even though it had been promised to her after her husbands death for as long as she wanted to live there. Well said, Micaiah. No one wanted to listen to Margie. READ NEXT: Teenage Porn Star Controversy Rocks California High School, Margie Reynolds: Ravi Zacharias Survived By His Wife of 48 Years, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Margie Smith in Seattle, WA 257 results - Margie Smith may also have lived outside of Seattle, such as Bellevue, Olympia and 2 other cities in Washington. (Even if were not yet clear why Nathan and Naomi stayed in the firm so long.) "It was a great honor," he wrote. I think he had the whole world fooled except his victims and those who knew he was a fraud. We also reviewed Mr. Zacharias's electronic devices and found evidence of text- and email-based relationships . A post shared by Ravi Zacharias (@ravizacharias) on Feb 19, 2020 at 11:16am PST. Is everyone telling the truth? Zacharias also said that he never met Thompson alone, publicly or privately.. In her letter, it sounded like she was implying people who take metamucil dont commit sex crimes. Billy Grahams brainchild magazine Christianity Today desperately wanted to defeat Trump. Your prayers and encouragement mean the world to us. Psalm 32 writen by King David tells us off his Suffering and Bodily Pain due to his Sin to the Point if Death ! Margie Zacharias officially broke her silence about Ravi Zacharias with an email released to her closest friends and family. Morden: 204-822-4755. SMH. My prayers go out to his family. No way, this is not Ravi NO WAY. I have written a great deal about the legal issues surrounding this and would love to share with the family however I can not find any appropriate address to send this material. It is so grievous to me to see the nastiness coming out amongst so called Christian. Did he feign sickness to trap these women? Zacharias was the author of more than thirty books on Christianity, He also hosted the radio . Prolific Bible Teacher Ravi Zacharias Dies at 74 From Cancer. I will make this my last reply to this particular writing. He got to keep his sinecure job but Ravi's wife, who was innocent in this whole ordeal, was shown the door. The unnamed ministry board of Abdu Murray, former senior vice president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), is reportedly challenging the conclusion, The Lighten Groupa new apologetics ministry started by Ravi Zacharias daughter and several former RZIM speakershas announced its shutting down less than, A Christian billionaire charged with running a multibillion-dollar stock fraud is the man who funded Ravi Zacharias 2017 lawsuit against Lori Anne. (3) And keep this in mind. All of whom stand to gain monetarily in big way! I believe all of the women that have come forward and I also can believe that Margie probably did not find paper evidence of Ravis infidelity, (unfaithful spouses are often very careful to cover their tracks-especially if they have a lot to lose) but she is clearly in denial to refuse to accept the other evidence. Margaret Zacharias. The plan works out. Plus texts and emails can be deleted! I put down his books, in the shop, after 2 minutes browsing rambling non-sequiturs on several more subjects also, thinking this is yet another lightweight eccentric to ignore. Margaret Reynolds aka Margie Zacharias was Ravi Zacharias wife of 48 years. Denial runs deep and to acknowledge and take accountability would cause such psychological upheaval ( with narcissistic roots ) it most likely will never happen. Ravi wasnt who people thought he was on any score. Ravi Zacharias, who spent his life defending Christianity through books and lectures, has died. Require that independent experts check devices of your husband to verify when pictures of naked women were loaded. Thanks! When I first heard about this, I was very upset and angry with Ravi Zacharias.. then as days went by, I got to thinking. In one of the caves, Adela thinks she was alone with Dr.Aziz, she gets anxious and flees, later she says Dr.Aziz attempted to assault her. Many Ravis fans are asking the question, Was Ravi in a Joseph-like situation?. According to the Miller & Martin report, the Executrix refused to cooperate with their investigation by granting investigators access to a notebook of evidence Ravis lawyer had compiled related to allegations by Lori Anne Thompson. . Margie Zacharias' defense of her husband flies in the face of an investigation by the law firm Miller & Martin . Having experienced this helps me understand the deep-roots of denial Margie seems to be experiencing, though this is not righteousness exemplified showing humility and grace to the victims and makes her complicit to RZs crimes. Recently the pain has intensified and I have battled several flare-ups. Then I pointed out that RZIM could not legally kick his mom out if its her house. I believe her side. But if there was any doubt, Nathan Zacharias has Margies letter posted on his defending Ravi website. To donate, Abdu Murrays Unnamed Board Challenges Apologists Findings That Hes Disqualified, Apologetics Ministry Started by Ravi Zacharias Daughter Shutting Down, Billionaire Charged with Massive Stock Fraud May be Donor for Ravi Zacharias 2017 Lawsuit,, South Carolina Pastor & Local Fire Chief Never Lacks Ministry Opportunities, In Uganda Prophet Elvis Puts The Profit In Prophet, Johnny Hunt, Disgraced Former SBC President, Back in Pulpit, Top-Billed for Upcoming Conference, TN Megachurch Pastor to Step Down & Lead Church-Resource Network, Trump Chides Past Evangelical Supporters Who Havent Endorsed Him, EXCLUSIVE: John MacArthur Shamed, Excommunicated Mother for Refusing to Take Back Child Abuser, EXCLUSIVE: John MacArthur Covered Up Pastors Sexual Abuse, Witnesses Say, Pastor Resigns From Houston Megachurch After Admitting Affair, EXCLUSIVE: John MacArthurs Church Supported Convicted Child Abuser & Pedophile, Records Show, Dante Bowe Posts, Then Removes, Apology for Behavior Causing Split with Maverick City Music, Matt Chandler Steps Aside After Admitting Inappropriate Online Relationship, John MacArthur Pulls Out of Ligonier Conference, Megachurches, Megamansions: Pastors' Homes Valued in the Millions, Televangelist Creflo Dollar Renounces Past Teachings on Tithing, But Questions Persist, Samaritans Purse Amasses Over a Billion Dollars in Assets, Raising Red Flags, Christian Rocker Posts Stunning Response to Recent Apostasy of Christian Leaders, Chicago Radio Host & a Former Bodyguard Say James MacDonald Asked Them to Arrange Murders, James MacDonald Took Millions from Harvest & Now Demands Broadcast Ministry, Mancow Airs Shocking Comments By James MacDonald: My Response. Zacharias engaged in what was at least an extramarital emotional affair with a woman not his wife. Margie Deliah Smith, 56. Nathan Zacharias says that the RZIM UK team walked off with 15 million worth of property. As well as his reputation. Sigh. That which she may be in denial about as well. After Zacharias died, his massage therapist reported to Sarah DavisRavi and Margie Zacharias daughteralong with Margie Zacharias and only five other RZIM employees. Maggie Zacharias. Instead of giving into our emotions and biases, we should respect truth. Ravi Zacharias' wife has Irish and Scottish ancestry but Reynolds never really opened about her . The jury convicted Derek Chavin of murder. This theme is continued in Chapter 12 and establishes religious hypocrisy as the context for the statement in Luke 12:2-4. Funny as he told someone else that hed never block someone for asking questions or disagreeing but only if they were cruel. In truth, you have to go back several years to the beginning of this whole saga in order to understand all that has happened. He list his confidence, much more. God is Loving and Merciful to His Own! Such a man could not be guilty of what is being alleged and there is no evidence at all to support those allegations, she said. On Monday, 5 women complained about Donald Trump. The enemy is alive and well and I believe he is using those who profess to be Christians. Please understand that I am not defending her actions or rationalizing her attitudes. This is not right. The executrix also has refused to release Thompson and her husband from a non-disclosure agreement they signed with Ravi Zacharias. I have read several of Dr. Zacharias books. Ravis civil rights were violated all along that his personal computers and phones were searched without his consent or the presence of defense counsel. Have mercy. We should support her efforts to tell the truth to the world. Ravis credentials were falling apart long before this sex scandal came to light. Margie Mae Floyd, 92, passed away Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023 at her home in Lawton surrounded by her loving family. He used his power to get her to his palace and premeditated the murder of her husband. Here is my stand. Focus on ourselves not Ravi. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Nobody hides it that well. So, let me phrase it this way: John Maxwell, Charles and Andy Stanley, and Michael Youssef visited Ravi in the hospital on many occasions. Then the purpose is to advance their narrative that if there was evidence she would have found it. I love you all. One of the best definitions of denial Ive heard is: lying + pride = denial. Ravi and Margie were married in May 1946. Evidence clearly reveals that he lied and covered up other evidence and silenced victims with threats and payoffs. you know, and much too important to pray with sick folks in hospitals, check on members in nursing homes, visit church member homes, evangelize on the street, do funerals, etc . There are good women on both sides, on Ravis side and on his accusers side. So , Please stop comparing this story and others in the Bible to Ravi Zacharias! Margie Zacharias - MinistryWatch. Now it is the victims chance to be heard. That preliminary statement was very disturbing, but the twelve-page final report released late yesterday, February 11, is horrific. RE-ISSUE LABEL, MUSIC AGENCY & FUNDRAISING PROJECTS SINCE 1995. You may have been blocked by both of them, which would hide their accounts from you. Winkler: 204-325-4201. Nathan Zacharias, son of the late disgraced apologist Ravi Zacharias, has posted his first blog in seven months to explain that his recent silence is not due to him having . Margie also said she found cards from therapists thanking him for the blessing he was to them, for his encouragement to them, for leading them into a deeper walk with the Lord or being instrumental in bringing them to the Lord. She said that she and her daughter, Naomi, had received frequent text messages from a therapist who had often helped Ravi with his back, expressing love, respect, and support for the Zacharias family. Sad. Whoah, theres actually a defending Ravi site? I believe he went on the dark side.

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